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I’m one of those people that actually feel ASMR. Slow and meticulous hand movements induce a strange pleasant pain in my forehead. My eyes close halfway, as my mind drifts into different worlds. ASMR is strange and very different for everyone who is lucky enough to experience it.

I was on an ASMR Facebook page when someone asked something about ASMR artists. From their discussions, I understood that they have absolutely no idea of what it means to be an artist. Everyone with a microphone and a basic understanding of ASMR, is an artist. …

Moody Portrait — Photo by Rudolf Erdei

Way too many books and articles about photography start with the “definition” (actually the etymology) of the word photography, that comes from two greek words that mean painting or drawing with light. I wanted to do something different in this article but I didn’t manage to find a better way.

Nevertheless, I completely hate this idea, so I’m not going to. What I am going to do is talk about light, because yes, it’s a very important part of photography, it’s a very important part of our growth in this wonderful world.

This article will not be a tutorial, rather…

The clasic fence pic — Photo by Erdei Rudolf

Some of you have highlighted a line from my previous article on Medium. That line was about the importance of seeing (rather than just looking) in photography, so I decided to try and put together an article about this topic. Well, at least my thoughts about this topic.

This article (or series of articles, if time will be kind with me) is for the medium tier photographer. Her/his knowledge about the technical part of photography is vast, the exposure triangle is almost an instinct, but the results are not what she/he is thinking about. The problem might be somewhere else…

Moonrise by Rudolf Erdei

To be honest, right now I’m starting to feel old. When I began learning about photography, around 14 years ago, everything was different. There was no plethora of information like there is today, no internet, nobody to guide you or ask something. And this, arguably, made me a better professional photographer.

How I began my journey as a professional photographer

I grew up as an introverted child, between books and electronic components. I loved the freedom I got from thinking ahead what I wanted to build and loved the whole process or making something. …

Rudolf Erdei

Just a regular guy with a lot of passions.

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